Skating members of the club are evaluated at the beginning of the season and grouped by the coaches. 

Skating Groups: Milton Speed Skating

Milton Speed Skating Club accepts members who:

  • Are at least 5 years old as of July 1 preceding the skating season.
  • Have basic skating skills and be able to navigate one (100m) counter-clockwise lap of the ice under their own power in a reasonable amount of time (35 seconds).  Or have completed Pre-CanSkate level 6 or CanSkate level 1.


MSSC divides skaters into teams. Practices, on-ice groupings and skate times are based upon these teams.  The teams are based on a set of criteria determined by the coaches and reviewed by the club executive prior to the beginning of the season.  Using the LTPAD model as a guideline, criteria such as, but not limited to: skating skills, size of skater, size of groups, and age of skater are used to create the skater teams.

As skaters develop during the course of the season, the coaches will continue to evaluate and move skaters, group sizes permitting.


Milton Speed Skating Club is currently made up of the following teams:


 Team LTAD
  Group 1 Fundamentals Age 5+
Group 2 Learn to Train Age 11+
Group 3a Train to Train Age 11+ 400m sub 56 sec,
500m sub,
70sec & committed to compete
Group 3b Active for Life Age 14+
Masters (Adult) Active for Life Age 25+

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